Buy vs. Lease

We Help Philadelphia Drivers Decide Whether to Buy or Lease a New Kia Model

Here at Raceway Kia of Conshohocken, we’ve always strived to provide no-hassle auto financing to drivers throughout the Philadelphia area. We make that possible by offering the expert assistance of our Auto Finance Center to help you secure a budget-friendly price on a new car.

Now, we know that shopping for a new Kia is the fun part but it’s time to get down to business after you’ve selected your next ride. Our auto finance experts will guide you throughout the financing process from vehicle trade-in to signing on the dotted line.

Of course, you’ll first have to decide whether buying or leasing the best course of action for your financial needs. That’s why we’ve laid out the pros and cons of buying and leasing below. Keep reading to make an informed decision for your driving and financial future!

Why Lease a New Kia Model?

Would you love to get more car for less money? Then, leasing a new Kia Soul, Sorento or Sportage is the best choice for you!

In most cases, leased cars require lower monthly and initial payments when compared to financed vehicles. That’s due to the fact that you’re only responsible for a fraction of the car’s total value when leasing. On the other hand, you’re required to pay off the entire car when financing.

Another perk of leasing is that your car is protected by a bumper-to-bumper warranty coverage throughout the duration of the lease. That means certain mechanical issues are covered by a warranty without any additional cost to you!

Finally, you’ll have the chance to trade-in your leased Kia for a brand new one when you lease expires. That way, you can drive the freshest wheels with all the bells and whistles!

Why Finance a New Kia Model?

Financing is the better option if you’re hoping to get the most mileage out of your vehicle. Leased vehicles usually have mileage limitations while that’s never the case when financing a car. You’ll be able to rack up thousands of miles on the odometer without worrying about costly overage fees!

The best part is that you won’t have to worry about monthly payment once your car is paid off. Your car is simply yours to drive for as long as you like!

As you can see, there are distinct benefits to buying and leasing for drivers around Philadelphia. Learn more about auto financing when you visit our Conshohocken, PA showroom to chat with an expert and get started on a test drive today!